Gabriel Arthur Petrie (eyenot) wrote in comedians,
Gabriel Arthur Petrie

Microfiction-writing contest

A Microfiction-Writing Contest

To Be Held in a Handful of My Communities Through the End of Fall

Writing can be fun, and so can contests, and so can my communities. So, I thought, what the 'hey', let's have a writing contest in my communities.

Each community will have a thematic or categoric requirement which has to be met by each entry. Every member will be able to enter as many times as they wish in each category, but each member may only win one place in each category and each entry may only win in one category. However, there will be special awards given to select entries (such as Shortest and Logest Qualifying Entries) and in obtaining these there is no limit. There are no cash or valuable prizes, only honorable mentions in the userinfo(bio) of each community (permanently). After the contest, every entry into the writing contest will be linked to from a special entry in my own journal (eyenot), for the sake of easy reference.

Every entry must meet the categoric requirement of the community, and must be under 150 words. Genre is optional, but all works must be fiction. To enter, simply join any community the contest is being held in and post a journal entry containing one or more of your microfiction entries. You may enter multiple times, but please do not enter under multiple accounts. The contest will be held in the following communities (and with the following categoric requirements): taoism (about Taoism); goonies (about "The Goonies"); anger (about anger); drunkards (about drunkenness); comedians (a comedy); doctorjones (about "Indiana Jones"); eugenics (about eugenic science); survive (about survival); utopias (about Utopia); schlock (shoddy writing).

Entries will be accepted until winter solstice (that's December 21st-22nd), and I will begin judging them and winners will be declared around the first of the year. Hopefully, that is how it works. I might need to select an assistant judge from each community to get it done in a timely manner. If you want to judge entries, leave a comment to that effect upon this entry.

After the contest, I would also like to talk with the participants about creating a single textfile of all entries for the sake of preserving them, but as this requires discussion about copyright, it will be held off until after the contest. If you do object to your entries being copies into a single textfile of all contest entries after the contest, then simply place a copyright mark (©) at the end of your entry and it will not be copied by the maintainer (eyenot).
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